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Offer Your List Quality, Highly-Skilled Employees - While Slashing Their Payroll 50% To 70%... And Pumping A Reliable, Monthly Income Into Your Bank Account!

Finally, you can JV with a new, “must have” business service
your list will eagerly pay you for…every 2 Weeks!

  • Provide them monthly savings of 50% to 70% on their payroll – fortifying their bottom-line and energizing their business!
  • Solve their personnel problems with very affordable, highly-skilled and flexible virtual employees – who work on their terms – part time, full time or on a project basis
  • Rapidly create a steady monthly income that can easily reach mid six figures,,, by simply watching as your list's businesses grow and prosper!

Dear Future Partner,

As a Joint Venture Partner of Virtual Assistant Staffing, by reaching out to your list and affiliates about our service, you get following choice benefits...

  • Generous, lifetime commissions – you easily get double what other out-source agencies pay!
  • A solid two-tiered structure: Lead affiliate gets 10% AND we pay parent 5%
  • Ongoing income: our clients have an amazing “stick rate” for using virtual assistants. They rave about the superb employees we provide for them. Your referral can unleash a multi-year cash stream for you!
  • A high-quality, reliable service to offer your list. They will love the boost in productivity and profits.
  • Join us as a valued partner with a robust business model for a swiftly expanding, in-demand business service!

It's true…

We have already begun a gigantic shift in the way people are starting and running their businesses…

The days of the one-man business are gone. To succeed today, you need the power of a TEAM...

…expert, top-notch professionals who are dedicated to make your business run like finely-tuned engine.

Savvy entrepreneurs, information marketers, real estate investors, and realtors have already discovered the reality about expanding their staffing. But the relentless recession has forced them to make hard choices to protect their bottom-line...

In the past five years, many business people have mistakenly slashed critical support staff and personal assistants. And find they can't run a business without them -- yet they can't afford the massive overhead to retain them.

But we have an easy, vastly affordable solution to this mounting crisis!

We've developed effective strategies to capitalize on this ground-breaking trend. And in response, demand for our staffing services has been tremendous... as well as for fresh Joint Venture opportunities.

And even though we've already signed many enthusiastic JV's… you still have the opportunity to partner with us!

Virtual Assistant Staffing makes hiring the RIGHT person easy with super-affordable, flexible,
and highly-skilled personnel.

Like never before, businesses are reaping the new profit-pulling benefits of hiring virtual assistants!

Here's why our service is in such high demand... Our unique, new generation of virtual assistants can:

Create an instant and effective workforce - ready to produce info-products, build out software, help close deals and handle customer support. For example:

  • Book keeping, billing, shipping, and all account management tasks you need for your business
  • Produce stunning video and audios for teleseminars, webinars and video sales letters.
  • Staff a virtual sales floor with customer service representatives who will close more sales and flood your biz with cash!
  • Create a “dream team” of assistants for product launch support with all the high-tech skills to make it happen.
  • Web programming and design in PHP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, WordPress, Ruby-On-Rails, and CGI – gain access to the best talent in the world.
  • Get Back-Office programs set up right the first time - such as InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, Post Affiliate Pro, etc.

And for about $6.00 per hour, our virtual assistant's expertise will be IN DEMAND by people on your list.

Plus, we will provide them with the ultimate flexibility: highly-trained, inexpensive specialists that can be hired and fired on a moment's notice. It’s your choice!

So now, business owners can:

  • Be free from getting stuck in a blizzard of paperwork. Now they can be an out-front, first-class entrepreneur - not the chief cook and bottle-washer.
  • Concentrate on the work that makes their business money - while you leave the rest to trusted virtual assistants.
  • Take advantage of our unique “training and placement” strategy - we supply smart, high-quality staffers at dirt-cheap prices.
  • Benefit from our detailed selection and skill-matching which sets us apart from other “outsource shops.” We are a full-service, multi-skill level placement agency.

The time is NOW to capitalize on the outsourcing phenomenon. It's just starting to explode.

Here’s the new reality… businesses that survive and thrive are doing so by adapting to ever-shifting economic conditions.

And for the next decade, businesses everywhere will be outsourcing to low priced, whip-smart virtual assistants -- or risk disappearing forever.

Our marketing strategies are aggressive, and our target markets are starving for our services.

You will not only benefit from the HUGE commissions we regularly pay...

...but will have an opportunity to join a partnership that is already energized and running. You need to sign up now, while we are still accepting partners.

Because of the demand for our service, and our rate of growth... this special chance to JV with us can vanish at anytime! So don’t hesitate. Sign up below, now:

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